An historic and natural remedy, Aloe Vera has been around for thousands of years, with Egyptian ruler Cleopatra being a fan. Aloe vera, however, is still a hidden gem of the nutrition world despite its known health benefits. Simplee Aloe's in house nutritionist gave us the inside scoop on why we should be consuming more Aloe, starting with the delicious Simplee Aloe drink in September's box. 

Aloe Vera is complex in nature, containing over 200 biologically active ingredients. Studies by scientists and nutritionists in recent years have begun to unpick its nutrient make-up and understand its potential for enhancing wellbeing in many different ways. From digestion to immunity, to detoxification and anti-aging, it has far reaching health benefits.

The benefits of aloe – on its way in

For a long time, nutritionists have recommended Aloe Vera to soothe the digestive tract, but when it comes to digestion – the corner stone of nutritional health – it is much, much more than that.

Aloe Vera has an anti-inflammatory effect on the gut environment, soothing inflammation and helping to heal ‘leaky gut’ – a condition where the gut lining becomes inflamed, often causing the body to develop food intolerances. It also contains prebiotics – friendly fibres that feed your ‘good’ gut bacteria. We know that a healthy gut flora, not only in turn, helps your digestion, but also play a major role in our bodies health, supporting everything from our mood to immunity and hormone balance.

Lastly, and my favourite aspect of Aloe, is that it increases the body’s bioavailability to absorb other key nutrients such as vitamin C and E and converts them to their active and useful. This means Aloe has an enhancing effect on your overall nutrition from other foods, supercharging a healthy diet. It’s thought to be the reason why having aloe everyday can lead to an overall ‘glow’.

The benefits of aloe – once absorbed by the body

Once absorbed into the system the benefits of Aloe don’t stop there. It has been shown to have blood sugar balancing effects. In our modern lives and diets many of us are prone to blood sugar highs and lows. Regulating this is a key aspect of maintaining energy and vitality, helping us to cope with every day stresses while also ensuring we get a good night’s sleep.

The anti-inflammatory effect of Aloe is another key highlight. Chronic inflammation can often go unnoticed in our daily lives. However it is the beginning of the bodies shift towards damage and disease. Our modern diets and lifestyles including saturated fats, pollution, alcohol and over the counter drugs shift us towards an inflammatory state. Shifting the balance back with dietary anti-inflammatories such as Aloe. Can influence how we feel today and lower risk of diseases of the future such as cancer and heart disease.

Aloe Vera can help the immune system to strike the right balance between recognising and fighting invading viruses and bacteria. It works in the liver too, protecting it and supporting detoxification.

Lastly, it helps to redress the balance between ‘good’ and ‘bad’ cholesterol, allowing us to manage cholesterol naturally.

I would recommend you add a little Aloe to your diet every day. Especially combined with a nutrient dense meal such as a delicious smoothie. You will get the most out of your food as Aloe supercharges their nutritional benefits.