Workplaces are renowned for being challenging environments to stay healthy in. From the office biscuit tin to pizza and beer Fridays, it can be all too tempting to leave your good intentions at the front door. Whilst having a slice of a colleague's birthday cake can be a real treat, regularly eating these types of foods can leave us feeling tired, lethargic and unmotivated. Not what you want when at work.

At SourcedBox HQ we are always looking for ways to live a healthier, happier life and in light of this we have created a list of our top tips for staying healthy at work.   

Remove Temptation

First things first, get rid of the rubbish. Your colleagues might not be too keen on your banishing of the office supply of custard creams, but you can tackle your own desk drawers. Get rid of any of the food you’ve got hanging around that you know is guaranteed to give you a sugar crash.

Stock Up

Once you’ve made the room, fill your drawers with all of your favourite healthy food, many of our SourcedBox snackers choose to have their boxes sent to their places of work, that way you’ve always got a regular supply of tasty food to snack on that’s guaranteed to keep your energy levels up and your brain ticking.

Change the Culture

Often the reason we find it tough to keep up with our healthy habits is due to the culture of the environment we’re in. Chances are, your colleagues are probably fed up of feeling bloated and sleepy by 2pm too. Introduce a fruit basket, suggest healthy restaurants for your team-dos, share around your SourcedBox snacks. It’s actually becoming a lot more common for companies to encourage healthy living because of the unavoidable research about wellbeing and productivity.

Keep it Moving

Of course it’s not all about food, exercise is also key to a healthy life. There are some brilliant little exercises that you can do right at your desk, we particularly enjoy these by Madeleine Shaw, or you can just simply get up from your desk to make a cup of tea or go to the loo. It’s also a really good idea to get outside at lunchtime and go for a little walk, even if it’s just for five or ten minutes.

Team Up

Everything's more fun with a friend. Team up with a colleague so that you can encourage each other to stay healthy and happy at work. Take turns making healthy lunches for the both of you, if you share the load it’ll be much easier to stick to, for healthy lunch ideas have a look at our Pinterest board.

So there you have it, a few of our favourite ways of looking after your wellbeing at work. If you have any other good tips please Tweet us @sourcedbox, we’d really like to hear from you.