True to its innovative nature, MightyBee is set to launch a brand new snack unique to both the UK market and its existing range of pioneering vegan food products. Coming this November, ‘Bananito’ is a solar-dried banana bar available in three different flavours: Original & Chewy, Dark Chocolate Dipped, and Dark Chocolate & Almond Crush. 

These tasty vegan treats are totally delicious, they’re 100% natural, gluten-free, high in fibre, high in potassium, low in calories, and packed with flavour. Best of all, you can count them as 1 of your 5-a-day. 

In keeping with MightyBee’s mission to ‘harness the power of nature’, Bananito is naturally delicious, with nothing added and nothing taken away. It relies solely on the natural sweetness of its key ingredient, the Thai Kluai Namwa Lady Finger banana, and other natural flavours, such as the Belgian dark chocolate and premium almonds in which the bars are generously coated. 

The story behind the snack is also quite intriguing. The bananas are grown in a chemical-free environment and picked only when ripe, allowing MightyBee to use the bananas at their optimum nutrient level. Thanks to a pioneering ‘solar-drying’ production method, these nutrients then remain intact from banana to bar. 

The solar-drying process entails a solar dome in which the bananas are dried over two weeks as the moisture is gently and gradually wicked away. 

The method was developed by young physicists and engineers at the Silpakorn University with the Thai Research Fund, and completely removes electricity from the process, thus allowing for a more sustainable method of production. It also produces a uniquely soft and chewy banana snack, as opposed to the hard and ‘frosty’ banana products already on the market. 

Bananito is the wholesome snack that is satisfying, nutritious and environmentally friendly. Find it in your January SourcedBox and Wholefoods or Ocado.