February's box features the delicious TSAMPA cacao nibs energy bar, we caught up with founders to discover more about the incredible ingredient. 

All of your snacks contain Tsampa, can you tell us a little more about it this ingredient?

We’d love to! Tsampa is the tibetan staple food and it is made out of roasted barley, that is grinded to flour. This flour is Tsampa itself and mixed with Butter Tea it is the basis for many dishes in Tibet. It is also the travel provision of the Sherpas and Nomads to climb the mountains in the Himalaya. So we took Tsampa as an inspiration to provide the modern City Nomads with a natural source of energy!

What makes barley special?    

Barley is a fantastic grain! It contains a lot of complex carbohydrates, fibres, proteins and beta-glucans. Complex carbohydrates provide long lasting energy without creating a sugar rush, fibres satiate you efficiently, barley contains natural proteins and beta-glucans support your stomach while digesting. Altogether barley helps you to get natural long-lasting energy and satiate you efficiently without relying on artificial additives.

February’s box features your delicious TSAMPA Cacao Nibs Energy Bar, what makes them such a great snack?

Tsampa has a roasty-nutty taste and it combines perfectly with the mild cacao taste of the Cacao Nibs. Add the rich taste of almond and sesame butter and you have a snack that will convince you with its natural taste! Also great: TSAMPA Cacao Nibs Energy Bar is organic certified and without additives or additional sugar.  

Why is it a great thing to be eating this time of year?

Winter is an exhausting season for the body: the cold, the constant change of temperature from going inside and outside, not enough daylight etc. All these things have its toll on the energy level of your body. TSAMPA Energy Bar gives you the necessary and natural energy to withstand the exhausting parts of winter. Because of that it is no surprise that Tsampa is the go-to snack for the Nomads and Sherpas in the cold Himalaya region. With its handy size it will be always a quick help to get you through the winter!