Rollagranola have created a range of delicious, unique granolas to spice up not only breakfast time, but meals across the day. Their paleo range of  granolas are all cereal and gluten free with no refined sugars and a focus on no added sugar, instead the flavour comes from a tasty mix of spices and natural ingredients.

The key ingredient to Rollagranola is nuts, making these little packets of goodness packed full of protein and deliciously crunchy.  The flavours are different from your usual granolas, in this month's SourcedBox we’ve got Neanderthal Nibbles, an unbelievably moreish savoury granola. At SourcedBox we’ve been calling it ‘Pizza granola’ and have had a packet on our desks at all times since it arrived at the office!

It’s super delicious on its own as an on-the-go snack but it’s also incredible added to meals and snacks. Together with the Rollagranola team we challenged ourselves to come up with the ultimate breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes with Neanderthal Nibbles.


Poached eggs on toast is an absolute classic, sprinkle Neanderthal Nibbles on top to add depth of flavour and a satisfying crunch. Top tip - we love sourdough toast with this but we also think rye bread would be amazing too.


We may be in the summer months here in England, but we all know what British summer is like, we’re bound to have a few rainy days where soup is needed. And what better soup than a delicious homemade tomato, pepper and squash soup?  Instead of a hunk of bread, try adding Neanderthal Nibbles. We recommend adding them in as you go so they stay lovely and crunchy.


Did you know broccoli is one of the healthiest vegetables you can eat? We’re obsessed with this charred broccoli with chili and granola. It makes the perfect side to any evening meal and is an amazing way to get your greens in a tasty way.

Now we’ve shown you our fave ways to eat our Neanderthal Nibbles, we want to see your creative recipe ideas. Get experimenting and post a picture on Twitter or Instagram and tag @sourcedbox and @rollagranola for the chance to win a large pack!