August has been a disappointing month for sunshine in the UK, but an exciting month for SourcedBox snacks! 

The sun may be hiding, rain out in full force, but at least we can pretend we're somewhere hot munching on sesame coconut bites and sippin' watermelon... 

Sunshine Crackers - iRaw 

Italian inspired crispy crackers with herbs and sun-dried tomatoes. Great on their own or with an array of dips and hummus for lunch (we are massive guac fans at SB HQ!)

Chocolate Hazelnut Coconut Jerky - MightyBee

Organically grown in Thailand, this raw vegan jerky has been gently dehydrated and marinated with chocolate sauce and hazelnut chunks. 

Beetroot & Walnut Goodness Bar - The Food Doctor 

Crammed full of nuts, seeds and veggies, this bar has been carefully crafted to create a snack bursting with goodness for on-the-go nourishment. 

Apple Strudel - Hoogly Tea

Summer showers? We recommend warming up with this classic combination of juicy apples and sweet spices, blended with roasted green tea for a well baked twist! 

Blueberry & Raspberry Double Fruit Twists - Gregory's Tree

Arguably THE favourite snack this month! I mean, all-natural gummy sweets?! Made from organic fruit, they have been gently pulped and twisted to mimic your favourite childhood sweet.

Watermelon Water - Water Works 

100% natural watermelon juice with a touch of fresh cranberry, a delicious alternative to coconut water and 1 of your 5 a day! 

Sunny Lucuma Goody Bites - BioStyle 

These raw bites contain a special probiotic strain that works in harmony with the human body to support digestive and immune health. 

Lemon Gum - Chewsy 

100% natural and sugar-free, Chewsy Gum has been made with only 5 ingredients sourced from the trees to create a planet friendly, citrus gum. 

Lemon & Pistaschio Balls - The Protein Ball Co.

A deliciously green handful of raw pitted dates, cashews, flaked desiccated coconut, poppy seeds and vegan plant based proteins, topped off with a zesty lemon flavour!

Chilli ProMix - Wyldsson 

This mix is a carefully balanced selection of chopped nuts with a sprinkle of sunflower seeds, tamari sauce, paprika and chilli spice. 

Sesame Coconut Bites - Ape Snacks 

Crunchy, bite-sized coins of coconut mixed with a sprinkle of sesame seeds and a dash of sea salt, absolutely no monkey business! 

If you missed out on the snacks this month, or just fancy stocking up, head to our shop!