August’s SourcedBoxer of the month is Eda, a 21 year old from Denmark who loves chocolate, tea and cats! 

Why did you sign up to SourcedBox?

I signed up in March 2017 because I'm joining the army in August 2018 and I want to be as strong and healthy as possible before I start. I thought that by having a SourcedBox subscription I could snack healthier than usual, which would help me to reach my end goal. 

What's your snacking style? Are you an 11am pre-luncher or a junk slump-banisher?

11am pre-luncher always!

How does SourcedBox help you to lead a happy and healthy life?

I now buy less snacks when I'm out food shopping because I know I'll have my little box of goodies waiting for me at home!

What has been your favourite snack so far?

For me, the variety of tea bags are heavenly! But also the chocolate! ALL of the chocolate!!

What were your top 3 picks from August's box?

I loved most of the snacks! But my top 3 picks were:

  • The Watermelon Water from Water Works (so yummy!) 
  • Chewsy's Lemon Gum was really refreshing and delicious 
  • My all-time favourite snack from SourcedBox was the Blueberry & Raspberry Double Fruit Twist from Gregory's Tree! It tastes just like candy!

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