As the leaves blow through autumn and the frost falls into winter it's hard not to get carried away with seasonal fun and festivities. However, it's no secret that staying fit and healthy in these colder months can be difficult, so how do we avoid it?

2017 has brought with it health and wellness trends ranging from revolutionary to revolting, but the question we all have is ‘what really works?’ Each and every year we're presented with new and exciting products to stay on top of our health 365 days a year, but the saying is true, sometimes the old ways are the best.

Tea is something which no one is a stranger to; it's a must-have on a cold winter’s day and is an enjoyment in people’s daily routine! The simple truth is that the majority of us love tea, but how many of us actually know its benefits? In recent years the tea landscape has transformed from traditional original breakfast tea into the growth of green, and fruit/herbal teas, each one providing different functions, flavour and health messages. Sounds great right? But what about a tea which combines the taste of natural fruits, the antioxidant hit of green tea, the functional benefits of herbs and an essential dose of daily vitamins? Now, that sounds promising for staying strong this winter!

A brand which is currently the taking the tea category to new heights is British company  TEA+ Drinks! Their aim was to create a new generation of vitamin super teas which would make the world of tea a little smarter. The t plus range is a balanced combination of herbs, green tea, natural fruit flavours and 50% RDA for 9 daily essential vitamins (including vitamins B6, B12, folic acid and C) - our ultimate secret weapon for this winter!

When finding what tea is right for you it's important to think about what your body will need, taking into account lifestyle and seasonal factors. Tea is naturally packed with antioxidants and polyphenols which are great for protecting your body from the inside, which is why it's a must-have beverage this winter. However, with teas such as t plus now available, the opportunity to get in those essential B and C vitamins while benefitting from functional herbs is now possible, making tea drinking an even healthier experience!

What should you be looking out for from your cuppa this winter?

Vitamins B6 & B12

This winter look out for those B vitamins… the B stands for BEST friend! Vitamins B6 and B12 are proven to contribute to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue, so will help to keep you going throughout the winter months. So whether you're sledging, skiing, or bringing in the logs for a fire, TEA+ Boost won’t just help warm you up but it will give you a dose of those boosting B’s!


Dry hair, brittle nails, dull complexion, these are some of the harsh facts of winter, however, they do not have to be a reality! Biotin has taken the vitamin market by storm and is one which has been given the nickname H Vitamin for the benefits it has for hair health, but also nails and skin! TEA+ Multea contains 50% RDA Biotin per tea bag, so it's the perfect solution to keep your locks luscious this winter - and with all the festive events coming up you know this is a must...

Vitamins B2 & C

We can all deny this next fact but with the winter season comes a lot of delicious foods, and from that the more than occasional issue of overeating. These two vitamins help to aid digestion, convert nutrients from foods and maintain your overall health on the inside! Take a look a TEA+ Detox for the perfect tea to help renew you this winter.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C… The ultimate go-to vitamin whenever we don’t quite feel ourselves and our precaution from the winters coughs and colds. Vitamin C is proven to contribute to the optimum performance of the immune system, so more essential than usual in those dreary months. The winter favourite, TEA+ immunitea contains 50% RDA vitamin C per tea bag so proves an easy way to keep topped up!

So now you know how to make your cuppa a bit smarter this winter, and get all the
nutrients that you need over these colder months. Be sure to check out the TEA+ Drinks website and see them over on social media @teaplusdrinks.