February’s SourcedBoxer of the month is Anaïta, a French graphic designer with a love for food, travelling and photography, on a quest to a healthier, happier self.


Why did you sign up to SourcedBox?

I signed up to SourcedBox from the beginning and have never regretted it. I am a real foodie and therefore I was really intrigued by what SourcedBox could offer. I live in France, and unfortunately I feel like we’re not quite there yet with the healthy/vegan/happy lifestyle, compared to the UK. So, it was a real chance for me to test some amazing snacks!

Are you a 'test everything out as soon as it arrives' or 'save the snacks to have through the month' kind of SourcedBox snacker?

I am a 100% a 'save the snacks to have through the month' person! Like… what if I don’t have anything to try in 3 days? That would be terrible.

How does SourcedBox help you to lead a happy and healthy life?

I began my journey to a healthier/happier life about 2 years ago and SourcedBox has been a great help. I’m not a vegan, but I love discovering new ways of cooking and eating. As I said, I love food and even more when it’s fulfilling and healthy and delicious… at the same time (which doesn’t stop from having a cookie or two, from time to time)!


What has been your favourite snack so far?

No way can I only pick one! I like the coconut chips, they are the best. The amazing Coconut Almond butter from Pip&Nut (OMG, get in my belly!). Also, Nom’s popcorn and, just the chocolaty snacks in general!


What were your top 3 picks from February's box and why?

Regarding this awesome February box, I loved:

  • The Snapea rice sticks from Yushoi (also approved by my parents!) It felt like eating crisps but in a more satisfying/healthier way.

  • The Organic Raw Chocolate brownie from 100% Natural Foods because who doesn’t love chocolate and even more when it’s all natural? #noguilt

  • And, of course, the salted caramel coconut pecks from inSpiral because… Heaven in your mouth!

If you missed out on the February box, don’t worry, you can still purchase a one-off box on the shop here, but hurry, they’re going fast! Want to get your snacking sorted like Anaïta has? Subscribe and receive a box full of healthy, natural snacks every month to your home or office.

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