January's SourcedBoxer of the month is Alice, who loves the theatre, eating plant based food and discovering new snacks (plus hiding them from her husband!). 

Why did you sign up to SourcedBox? 

In 2014, I found out I had a health condition that meant overnight cutting out all meat, gluten, dairy, alcohol, and caffeine from my diet. (The meat wasn't a problem as I'd been vegetarian for years, but the others came as a bit of a shock).

It was a long period of readjustment and I found that the most difficult thing was not being able to find food on the go, and finding food I could just throw in my bag and take with me was also very difficult. When I heard about sourced box I was over the moon, not only do I get a whole box of goodies delivered to my door each month, but it's introduced me to so many brands that I didn't know existed and now have become firm favourites in our house. (Now I just have to stop my husband from eating them all).

What's your snacking style? Are you an 11am pre-luncher or a 4pm slump-banisher?

I'm both, I'm just constantly thinking about food... 

How does SourcedBox help you to lead a happy and healthy life?

I'm so much happier now that there's more chocolate in my life again. It's great to know that there are so many options out there for me, I went for such a long time feeling restricted with my food. 

What has been your favourite snack so far? 

The Mindful Bites nut butters! These things are a life saver! I just carry them around with me as they go with so many things. If I'm out and having difficulty finding something to eat I just spread them on an apple or mix them into some instant oats etc. and I have a healthy, nutritious meal. 

What were your top 3 picks from January's box and why?

  • Pulsin - Vanilla Choc Chip Protein Booster (delicious!)
  • MightyBee - Bananito, a brilliant concept, I'll definitely be looking out for those in the future.
  • EnJoy - Organic Fruit & Nut chocolate bar was wonderful. I get so excited by vegan chocolate, it's so much better for us and the planet.

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