July’s box was another huge hit. From thirst-quenching birch water, to an indulgent dark chocolate truffle, this month’s box has been a true delight for any foodie.

If you missed out on the snacks this month, or just fancy stocking up, head to our shop to get your hands on some summery snacks.

Jujube Crisps — Abakus Foods

These crunchy Jujube slices are made from the Jujube fruit. A superfood known to uplift your mood, calm the mind and improve sleep.

Pineapple Sorbet Green Tea — Bluebird Tea Co.

Your new summer essential. Infused with lemongrass, sumac berries + real pineapple, this green tea will transport you to a sandy beach (we hope).

Smokin' Coconut Pecks — Inspiral

These crunchy, air dried, raw coconut chips have been spruced up with smoked paprika, a squeeze of lime and vegan cheese. Vegan cheese? Try it for yourself!

Neanderthal Nibbles Savoury Granola — Rollagranola

This savoury granola is a flavour sensation and undoubtedly a massive hit at SourcedBox HQ! If we had to describe it? Like a deliciously nutty slice of pizza...

Lemon, Lucuma & Coconut Munchies — Raw Gorilla

A zesty, sweet treat for your taste buds! This delicious blend of lemon zest,  coconut and lucuma is light and fresh with a rawesome zing.

Salted Caramel Protein Bar — Creative Nature

Nut-free and vegan-friendly, this salted caramel protein bar does not compromise on flavour! Packed full of all that good stuff to keep you energised.

Acai, Chia & Raspberry Raw Bliss Balls — The Bondi Kitchen

A high-energy snack made from nutrient-rich nuts, seeds, dried fruits and superfoods. An ideal breakfast on-the-go, post-workout snack or lunchbox treat.

Apple & Root Ginger Birch Water — Tapped

TAPPED’s birch water is a delicately unsweet tree-tapped water mixed with apple & root ginger juices.

Chocolate & Coconut Pili Nuts — Raw & Wild

Just the right level of sweetness, these raw pili nuts are harvested in the Philippines and offer one of the most nutritionally packed and appetising nut ‘on the planet’.

Chocolate Truffle — Science Kitchen

The ultimate indulgence for chocolate lovers. Made from raw cacao, cacao butter & coconut milk, sweetened with dates and mixed with hemp & sprouted buckwheat.

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