July’s SourcedBoxer of the month is Kate, a 29 year old chef with a passion for cooking healthy dishes.

Why did you sign up to SourcedBox?

I liked the idea of having a box of healthy snacks delivered every month to help me stick to a better diet and avoid the bad stuff. Once I received my first box I knew I would keep subscribing. It's like getting a present every month and you get such a variety of snacks. I love trying new things and discovering new brands and SourcedBox had introduced me to so many new favourites.

What's your snacking style? Are you an 11am pre-luncher or a 4pm slump-banisher?

It varies day to day but it's usually a late afternoon thing. Too early for dinner but I just can't wait so a snack is always needed!

How does SourcedBox help you to lead a happy and healthy life?

I love the snacks in SourcedBox. I always have one in my handbag and I find that helps as that's what I go for if I'm at work or out and about. It's nice to know you're snacking healthily and it leads to better choices with other food as well.

What has been your favourite snack so far?

That's a really hard question! There has been so many that I've loved. It's probably got to be chocolate. I loved the Raw Halo Pure Mylk and the Conscious Cranberry Kiss. Also the brownie by 100% Natural was amazing!

What were your top 3 picks from July's box and why?

My top 3 picks in the July box were:

  • The Jujube Crisps by Abakus Foods - I love dried fruit and I had never heard of these before and they were so nice!
  • The Chocolate Truffle by Science Kitchen - I don't need to explain why with this one. Any chocolate lover would love it! Really rich and delicious!
  • The Acai, Chia and Raspberry Raw Bliss Balls by The Bondi Kitchen - I love having energy balls in my handbag for an easy little snack when I'm feeling hungry and these ones were great! 

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