March’s SourcedBoxer of the month is Lori, a 22 year old university student from Edinburgh with a serious passion for books and the magical world of Harry Potter.  


Why did you sign up to SourcedBox?

I signed up to SourcedBox the moment it was announced and I haven't looked back since.

I have struggled with EDNOS and depression and recovery can be difficult when following a Vegan diet. Studying has always been a bit of a barrier in my recovery as I usually forget to eat when I'm studying.

Anyone studying knows how important it is the keep your body and mind motivated, it needs a constant supply of nutritious and delicious energy. Trying new things isn't always easy and remembering to eat them isn't either - that is until you find SourcedBox!

Are you a 'test everything out as soon as it arrives' or 'save the snacks to have through the month' kind of SourcedBox snacker?

I must admit the very first SourcedBox that I received didn't last the week. The upset I felt for the following weeks until my second one again was unbearable and I vowed never to eat them so fast again. Now I try and space it out as much as possible (It doesn't always work...). However, If I find something in the box that I love I will always order some more.

How does SourcedBox help you to lead a happy and healthy life?

SourcedBox proves that living a Vegan lifestyle doesn't mean you are deprived of indulgent snacking. I now feel energised throughout the day and I know that even if I have a busy day of classes I will always have a snack on hand to get me through.


What has been your favourite snack so far?

This is such a hard question! One of the items I continue buying from my local Real Foods store is the Rebel Kitchen products - I loved the Chocolate one. I also adored the SourcedBox exclusive Christmas chocolate bar... actually anything chocolatey, I can't decide!

What were your top 3 picks from March's box and why?

The March Sourcedbox brought a real sense of spring to my snacking. If I HAD to pick 3 of my favourite things, they would be:

  • The Spare Fruit Pear Crisps. I have been loving the vegetable and fruit crisps, super convenient and I can nibble on them in class without making too much noise!

  • The London Tea Company Purple Tea. There is nothing better than a soothing cup of tea after a long day at uni!

  • The Yummy Scrummy Brownie! My ultimate favourite. I saved this one for a bit and took it with me to see Beauty and the Beast - so indulgent and delicious!

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