February's box features the irresistible pretzel bites from Indie Bay, we caught up with the founders to discover more about the brand. 

How did it all begin for Indie Bay?

Indie Bay snacks started with a house full of hungry kids, an empty snack drawer and a trip to the shops that ended in disappointment for our founder, Dafna. Uninspired by the unhealthy options available she was left wondering why snacks couldn’t taste good and feel good too. She gathered a team of the best and brightest to set about reinventing classic snacks, starting with the pretzel. We launched in August of last year and have been enjoying the journey ever since.

February's box features your delicious rock salt pretzel bites. What makes these such a great snack?

Our bites are a bit like pretzels, but better: better ingredients, better shape and better benefits. They’re made using alternative grains like spelt and quinoa, are round for extra crunch, and are a source of fibre and protein as well as being delicious.

What's next for Indie Bay?

We’re all about innovation at Indie Bay Snacks, and are always looking to experiment with new flavours and new products. We’ve got some exciting ideas we’re working on, and in the meantime, we’ll be looking to build on our recent launch with Ocado to secure wider national distribution. We want everyone to be enjoy Indie Bay Snacks, and will be coming to a shelf near you soon!