October's SourcedBoxer of the month is Rachel, a 28 year old PA who went on a mission to give up refined sugar in March 2017 and has since felt amazing. The delivery of her monthly SourcedBox has been a great way to support her new lifestyle change. 

Why did you sign up to SourcedBox?

I first discovered SourcedBox through Zoella on YouTube and liked the idea of trying new snacks from smaller start up companies. I thought I would have a couple of boxes and then cancel but I loved the snacks so much I had to carry on! Since removing refined sugar from my diet in March it has opened up a lot of new flavours and snacking options for me. 

What's your snacking style? Are you an 11am pre-luncher or a 4pm slump-banisher?

Both! I normally tuck into a SourcedBox snack at 11am and enjoy a banana in the afternoon.

How does SourcedBox help you to lead a happy and healthy life?

It has given me some great options for snacking on-the-go that are both sweet and savoury. I have been able to find new snacks I like, which I can just pop in my handbag or gym bag wherever I go. It has opened me up to new flavours that I would have avoided before but now can't get enough of! 

What has been your favourite snack so far?

The Chocolate Chickpeas by SourcedBox have been my ultimate favourite, I reached the bottom of the bag too quickly and would love to get hold of some more! *hint hint*

What were your top 3 picks from October's box and why?

  • Cucumber Water by Dash – It was nice to have an alternative to water, I love that it is made with wonky cucumbers! I'd love to see it available in restaurants and bars. 
  • Dehydrated Mango by I Love Snacks – These were the perfect potion to snack on, I find it very easy to eat a much larger bag! 
  • Hazelnut Praline Chocolate Bar by Rhythm 108 – I loved the nuttiness, it felt like a bit of indulgence and a real treat.

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