September's box of snacks was arguably our most exciting month ever (if we do say so ourselves) because we launched our brand new SourcedBox Bites and re-designed our monthly menu! The totally moreish chocolate covered chickpeas have gone down a storm online - have you tried them yet?!

Chocolate Covered Chickpeas - SourcedBox 

We sourced the finest organic chocolate and wrapped it around a crunchy chickpea, to create an indulgent, moreish, biscuity bite.

Now, it's time to discover the other amazing brands featured in September's box...

Vanilla Protein Bar - BodyMe 

Bursting with raw chocyness and sweet vanilla, this protein bar had been made by combining plant proteins with raw fruit, nuts, oils and superfoods. 

Cucumber & Tomato Vegetable Crisps - Nim's 

Made from 100% fresh vegetables, Nim’s vegetable crisps are air dried and not fried to create a healthy snack that retains its nutrients, taste and colour. 

Vanilla & Baobab Truffles - Sweet Virtues 

A rich and decadent truffle, this baobab and vanilla treat has a smooth and dreamy texture that melts on your tongue. 

Garlic & Chive Peas - BRAVE 

Deliciously crunchy roasted peas that have more protein than cashews but less calories than popcorn - you can't argue with that! 

Aloe Vera Juice with White Grape - Simplee Aloe 

A refreshing mix of aloe vera, hand-picked to retain its bioactive and healing properties, blended with sweet white grape juice and a squeeze of lemon. 

Rosemary & Thyme Pitta Chips - Soffles 

Rosemary & Thyme, so darn fine! Soffles pitta chips have been oven roasted and freshly seasoned to create the perfect hummus dipping snack. 

Banana Oat Bar - Nom 

This banana oat bar is packed full of organic ingredients including gluten-free jumbo oats for slow release energy, virgin coconut oil and dried banana. 

Sleep & Super Berry Tea - We Are Tea

Prepare to sink into the pillow with a lavendar and chamomile sleepy time tea plus a naturally caffeine free rooibos tea bursting with red berries. 

Chilli Monkey Nuts - Munky 

Munky's chilli flavoured monkey nuts have been roasted to perfection, with enough spice to give you that fiery yet oh-so-munchable snack you'll just love. 

If you missed out on the snacks this month, or just fancy stocking up, head to our shop!