September's SourcedBox features the seriously delicious garlic and chive peas from Brave

We caught up with founder, Seb, to find out how Brave came to be. 

How did it all begin for Brave?

For myself and my co-founder, Amber, food is a central and very important part of our lives. We’ve both been been eating plant-based for 9 years and seeing the positive impact it's had on our health and energy, we wanted to make a positive contribution towards encouraging people to eat more vegetables and especially legumes. We also wanted to promote local, sustainable farming, believing it can mean the difference between a clean, healthy planet and one that’s overrun with fertilisers and choking in methane.

Living hectic/active lives were always on the hunt for healthy, nourishing snacks to enjoy on-the-go and between work & workouts. The holy grail for us was a snack packed full of plant protein and fibre, that didn’t contain any sugar or a lot of calories and wasn't heavily processed. Very early on we came across a legume that ticked all the boxes: the incredible split pea. Not only is it super nutritious but it’s also native to Britain and one of the most sustainable sources of protein on the planet. Once we had that, we whipped together some delicious flavours and were ready to go!

So peas are good for you?

Absolutely - they’re nutritional powerhouses! The technical term for it is 'nutrient dense’ - meaning you’re getting a lot of good nutrients but not at the cost of being high in calories. In this case, our peas have got more protein than cashews and fewer calories and less fat than popcorn. They’re also a great source of energising complex carbohydrates and fibre, as well as energy-metabolising B vitamins, so they are excellent for fuelling active lifestyles. 

August's box features Brave Garlic & Chive peas. What's the best way to enjoy them? 

Great question! We made these because we think they’re the perfect snack to crunch on as you’re racing through your day. We know how busy things can get and with a pack of BRAVE you won’t go hungry - they seriously power you up! Recommended method is to tear a notch of the top, bring to mouth at a 45* angle and pour until your heart/mouth/stomach is content! Other than that, they go great as a topper on salads and bowls, adding a bit of crunch to the mix. 

What's next for Brave? 

We only launched in July and are just getting started! Our focus now is going to be on growing our partnerships, especially with independent stores, but also with gyms, cafes and other amazing venues where we think people might be in need of a good pick up.