May’s SourcedBox features Goodio Chocolate, a chocolate brand we’re totally head over heels for. Not only is the chocolate oh so delicious, but the packaging is some of the most beautiful we’ve seen.

We caught up with the founder, Jukka Peltola, to learn more about this awesome brand.

Where did it all start?

In 2011 I was struggling with my well-being and decided to do something about it. I changed my diet and started eating consciously and that changed everything. My energy levels went up, my mind got clearer and I was experiencing a beautiful awakening.

I remember the actual moment of decision. I was in a grocery store and just looking at different brands, products and ingredient labels. I got the feeling of disappointment and frustration. I think my first reaction came from fear, I felt someone had to do something. Then the love took over and I was thinking that okay, I want do it no matter what, I just do my best and hopefully I can inspire others too.

Looking back to that moment, I knew I was just a speck of David among these global food Goliaths. It felt crazy, but also so meaningful that I wanted to conquer my fears. Then I just laughed and left the shop with no food, but with a mission.

That was the seed of Goodio, to start a purpose over profitable food companies and to bring wellbeing, transparency, joy and a positive impact to the world. And now it’s not me, it’s we, plenty of amazing people, so I'm really blessed and grateful.


What was the inspiration behind the beautiful packaging?

Good question. The colours and patterns represent the essence of each chocolate flavour. The whole packaging itself looks like a beautiful gift or love letter and that’s what they are. Our aim is to share joy and beauty with them.


What's your favourite way to enjoy Goodio chocolate?

I have enjoyed our chocolate in many places around the world, with all kind of people and occasions, but I think the key word is enjoying it consciously. When you truly become one with our chocolate and how and from what it’s made of, there’s a change of entering new worlds. It’s great to have that moment alone, but somehow it’s even sweeter with someone you really care because of sharing the experience. Quite often it ends with soulful laughter.

What are the future plans for Goodio?

The first big thing is in just a couple of weeks from now, we open our first cafe&juice bar here in Helsinki Finland.

Around September we will open our new factory which is not your average chocolate factory, but a place anyone is welcome to enjoy since there will be also cafe&juice bar and yoga studio. This fall we will launch lots of new chocolate products and the following years we will just keep improving everything, open new markets, bring some new product families and most importantly have some fun.

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