November's SourcedBox features a real SourcedBox team fave, the sweet & smokin' Hippeas. We caught up with fellow chickpea lovers to get the low down on the brand.  

How did it all begin for Hippeas?

HIPPEAS, was born out of Green Park Brands, a new food innovation company in the rapidly growing Health and Nutrition sector with a mission to create innovative, multichannel food and drinks brands. Green Park’s ambition is to lead the agenda for positive change by creating brands that have a long lasting social impact and prompt cultural and behavioral change.

November's box features your sweet & smokin' flavour. What makes these such a great snack?

Light and crunchy with a serious punch of protein and fibre, HIPPEAS™ are low-calorie, certified organic, certified gluten-free, vegan, kosher and non-GMO. With less than 91 calories, 3 grams of fibre and 4 grams of protein per single-serve bag (22g). 

Why should we 'Give Peas A Chance'? 

We’re all about healthy, on-the-go snacking. Health & nutrition has never been more at the forefront of peoples food habits than it is today. It's the same with snacking. Consumers want healthy food that they can eat on the go, supporting their active, busy lifestyles. Plus, chickpea crops naturally release nitrogen back into the soil as they grow, reducing the need for artificial fertilisers. They’re good for the planet, simply by being themselves!

What's next for Hippeas?

There’s loads of exciting changes happening at HQ at the moment. We’ve recently launched with Tesco, ASDA & Sainsbury’s which is awesome, and we have a couple of new flavours coming out over the next month. Bring on the year ahead!