August’s SourcedBox features the utterly delightful Hoogly Apple Strudel Green Tea. Green tea has always been a staple in the SourcedBox office tea cupboard but this apple strudel creation has totally changed the game. 

We caught up with founder, Tina, to get the lowdown on how Hoogly came to be. 

How did it all begin for Hoogly?

Hyggelig (Hoogly) is the adjective of Hygge, a Nordic word used to describe a combined sense of warmth, cosiness and well-being. Hoogly Tea came about one Sunday afternoon back in October 2015 when I was walking along the Brighton seafront with my partner Paul discussing how the world needs hygge in their lives. I wanted to spread the lifestyle outside of Denmark and thought there’s no better way than doing it than through my love of tea. Hygge is one of the main reasons the Danes have been voted the happiest nation in the world year after year.  

How can we bring a bit of Hygge into the summer months?

My summer Hygge tips would be, go outside and find a picturesque area. Bring your blankets and a luxury picnic to enjoy with loved ones or by yourself with a good book. And the most important tip? Brew some delicious Hoogly iced tea! Hygge is all year round and the concept goes hand in hand with the tea because it is about cherishing the simple things in life and making the ordinary things extraordinary. Take your time to enjoy an indulgent cup of luxury, not just a quick brew.

August's box features Hoogly Apple Strudel Green Tea, what's the best way to make this tea to ensure maximum enjoyment?

We recommend pouring a little bit of cold water in your cup with the tea bag in before adding the boiling water and letting it brew for about 5 minutes. Green tea should always be brewed at 80 degrees celsius to not burn the leaves, burning the leaves is what can create that horrid bitterness in Green tea.  

What's next for Hoogly?

Hoogly Tea have just become preferred hospitality partners for Conde Nast Johansen’s Hotels, so will be focusing on hotels and spas. We will be continuing to create delicious and exciting new blends and trying to spread the joy of Hygge into people’s lives.