How did it all begin for Innate?

We believe that everything we eat ought to suit and serve us 'Innately' rather than inhibit and accumulatively poison us. Having realised the importance of what we eat on our wellbeing, through personal discovery, and noticing that it can be hard to find healthy snacks, we set about creating snacking nirvana: crusading for the ground-breaking co-existence of high virtue and multi-sensory experience within singular products. 

March's box features your delicious butternut squash squares. What makes these such a great snack?

Following nature's blueprint, we apply our imagination to science in order to create edible art. Our wonderfully satisfying squares combine incredible ingredients in order to offer a new calibre of nutritional balance and slow release sustaining energy alongside an authentic, sensory euphoric flavour profile.

It's hip to be square.

What’s the best way to enjoy them? (i.e. on top of salads, in soups etc)

They can either sing solo as a complete snack, harmonise with a healthy salad, contributing an additional vibrancy and textural dimension, or partake in a complimentary duet with an evening beverage.

What's next for Innate?

We have big plans for expansion in the next year; our goal is to be as widely accessible as possible. We have lots of ideas for new products, and are hoping to launch another 3 this year… so, stay tuned!

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