October's SourcedBox features the deliciously moreish Kinomi Waku Waku cashew nuts. We caught up with founder Hiromi to find out how this amazing brand came to be. 

How did it all begin for Kinomi?

I was teaching Japanese cooking from my loft and serving my own baked and flavoured nuts as nibbles. People started asking to buy them and it gradually turned into a business. The spice thing came much later, the original flavour was the soy blend that's on all the nuts now. It is my taste of home. The spices came about when I figured out that what connected Asia and Europe was the spice route and it seemed a nice way to bridge my two homes. I love spice combinations and seeing how some spices taste very different depending on what form they are in. Endlessly fascinating.

The products all have very interesting names, what was the inspiration behind them? 

The names are all Japanese onomaetopeia. Waku Waku is a feeling of excitement and anticipation. I hope that's what you feel when you open up a bag of cashews.

Pori Pori is a nibbly crunchy sound that happens when you eat almonds. Bari Bari is a big crunchy sound more in keeping with the big crunch you get from barus.

October's box features the Waku Waku cashews. What's the best way to enjoy them? (i.e. sprinkled on top of salads) 

Adding the cashews to salad is a nice way to eat them but as the weather turns and you find yourself eating soup at your desk, add some cashews, it will add a nice texture and will make a boring soup a bit more interesting as well as give it a nutrition boost.

What's next for Kinomi? 

I've got a really luxurious gift item for Christmas and I'm working on a new flavour which I'm really excited about. In the meantime, I would love to spread Kinomi love wherever possible.