November's SourcedBox features the tasty strawberry pastilles by Peppersmith. We got the low down on how this fabulous brand came to be. 

How did it all begin for Peppersmith?

The Peppersmith story began with an idea to create healthier and better made mints and gum than the chemical options already on the shelves. Founders Mike and Dan met in the early days of innocent smoothies, and used what they knew from the world of smoothies to create Peppersmith. Their aim is to make confectionery without the sugar or unnecessary chemicals, but with no compromise on taste.

November's box features your strawberry pastilles, why do these make such a great snack? 

Our Strawberry Pastilles are great if you’re after a sweet treat, and the good news is that they’re sugar free and good for teeth. We make them using all natural ingredients including real strawberry and vanilla flavours, nothing artificial. Not now, not ever.

What's next for Peppersmith? 

Our big focus at the moment is making Peppersmith more available to buy – we’d like to see it on the shelves in all of our local shops. We are also always exploring new flavours as we’re keen to expand the range in the future.

How is Peppersmith good for teeth?

Peppersmith is good for teeth because of the plant-based sweetener we use: xylitol. Xylitol is great for keeping teeth healthy as it kills harmful bacteria and prevents damaging acid attacks. Xylitol is a pretty amazing ingredient as not only is it good for teeth but it tastes just like sugar, it has 40% fewer calories and is low GI.