January's box features two amazing treats from Pulsin, their choc chip booster bar and chocolate protein powder, ideal for helping you kick 2018 off to a brilliant start. We caught up with Pulsin to find out how this amazing brand came to be. 

How did it all begin for Pulsin?

Three University friends Ben Lewis, Nick Bildner and Simon Ashburner started Pulsin just over a decade ago with the combined goal of creating accessible functional nutritious snacks for all people. In 2006 the trio made the first Energy Ball in Nick’s mum’s kitchen and by 2007 they had made and sold 60,000 balls. They were and remain committed to product development from customer feedback and took an innovative approach to new product development. Pulsin is now a multi award-winning manufacturer of Protein Booster bars, Raw Choc Brownies, Porridge Oat Bars, Kids’ Fruity Oat Bar, Beond Fruit & Nut bars and protein powders.

January's box features your Vanilla choc chip Booster Bar and Chocolate Pea Protein Powder. What makes these such a great snack?

The Vanilla Choc Chip Protein Booster has long been our best-selling protein bar in the range. It has a cookie dough taste and texture, plenty of dairy free choc chips and is packing 13g of plant based protein making it a healthy and filling snack – Perfect for after the gym of that mid-afternoon energy slump.
The Chocolate Pea Protein Powder is a brand new launch for January 2018. We’re launching naturally flavoured protein powders for the first time as an addition to our popular unflavoured protein range. The Chocolate Pea Powder is not only great tasting, but it’s rich in iron and zinc and is 69% protein, it’s vegan and has no added sugar. People can simply mix it with the milk of their choice or water and shake it.

It's a new year, a time for getting back to healthy living, what are your top tips for keeping healthy and happy? 

2018 is a really exciting year for us, we are the headline sponsors for Veganuary and we have the Flavoured Protein Powder launch. There’s also a lot of exciting product development in the first half of the year and new supermarket listings confirmed which means that our customers, new and old, will find it easier than ever to access our products and incorporate them into their lifestyles. For those planning a health kick in the New Year, our advice is to remember the importance of good nutrition. Exercise is not enough, it all starts with the diet – and that’s where we can help. Our blog is crammed full with healthy protein-rich recipes.