October's SourcedBox features the brand new banana carrot and spice bar from Snact. The ultimate snack to help us to transition into Autumn! 

We caught up with Snact to find out the real story behind the brand.

How did it all begin for Snact?

Our co-founders Ilana and Michael were school friends who later did the same MSc degree in Environmental Technology, specialising in Business & Sustainability. At one alumni dinner they decided to start a business together that would a have positive impact on the food system. They also agreed that food waste is bananas! The next step was collecting surplus fruit from London wholesale markets, and experimenting with recipes in a rented kitchen. Snact was an entirely DIY operation, but with the support of many Snactivists who loved the delicious food waste-fighting snacks, it went from saving fruit by the punnet to saving it by the pallet.

Fighting food waste is a big part of what you guys do, can you tell us more about that? 

Fighting food waste is our mission - that’s why we started Snact! We think it’s bananas that so much fruit gets wasted every day. Every single day in the UK, we throw out roughly 4.4 million apples and 1.4 million bananas! This is where our #deliciousprotest comes in. We save surplus fruit to turn it into tasty snacks, packed with all the nutrition of flawless fruit. Every snack saves one apple or banana from going to waste. And we extend our no waste ethos to packaging too - we use home compostable packaging that decomposes organically like an orange or banana peel would. Plastic waste is a huge issue and so we’re proud to be contributing to this fight with our #deliciousprotest!

October's box features your new delicious carrot and spice bar. What's the best way to enjoy it? (i.e. chopped up on top of porridge/on the go as a quick breakfast)  

You might know this feeling: you had a nice breakfast, you arrive at work, and you feel like you could eat your packed lunch already.. Have a banana bar, your second breakfast! It’s a tasty snack that provides you with slow-release energy and balanced nutrition to help fuel your day, whether you’ve a late night finish at the office or are about to climb a mountain. It combats afternoon slumps and is perfect for a workout, too! Our banana bars go with many different diets as they’re vegan, gluten free, and made only with simple, wholesome ingredients: UK’s favourite fruit - bananas, plus veg, oats, and superfoods like nuts, seeds, coconut - and definitely no dates. We hope all sourcedboxers will go bananas for them!

What's next for Snact? 

Spreading the banana love! We successfully crowdfunded our banana bars this summer, and now we want to get them out there. If you like the Carrot & Spice bar, let us know where you’d like to see the range: in your local coffee shop, gym, or maybe your office too? We’re also working on another exciting product that’s coming in 2018 - all we can say for now is that it will be indulgently delicious, and will continue our mission for more taste and less waste!