Here at SourcedBox we’re big fans of Spare Fruit’s fruit crisps. This month’s box features the newest addition to the Spare Fruit range, the pear crisps, and these have a delicious caramelised flavour that we can’t get enough of.

Not only are these fruit crisps incredibly tasty, but they’re also sustainably made. Owner of Spare Fruit, Ben Whitehead, told us their story.

Where did it all start?

My first job was fruit picking in the sleepy Suffolk countryside, so I spent many a day gathering (and eating) apples, strawberries and raspberries on fruit farms. I guess Spare Fruit was always going to be my destiny.

How did Spare Fruit come to be?

I've always been obsessed with food and passionate about social change. I can’t comprehend how much food that is needlessly wasted, yet millions of people still go hungry everyday. It also has a huge environmental impact, vast amounts of valuable natural resources (i.e. water, energy) are needed to grow the produce that ends up being wasted.

Spare Fruit was born out of desire to combine my passion for food and my disdain for food waste. I figured that creating delicious products would be the best way to showcase the quality of produce that is wasted and raise awareness of the issue in a delicious way amongst businesses and consumers.

I was also inspired by FoodCycle (where I volunteered back in 2011), where I learnt more about food waste and food poverty and Rubies in the Rubble (our food waste heroes) who were living proof that using food that would otherwise be wasted could work as a viable mission-led business.

How do you make your crisps in a sustainable way?

We only use beautiful, fresh fruit that would otherwise go to waste and then slowly air-dry it into delicious crisps to lock in all the natural fruity goodness.  

It’s either deemed the wrong, shape, size, colour or simply too plentiful for the supermarket - but perfectly delicious. We source all of our fresh rescued fruit from small fruit farms within 15 miles of where we air-dry our fruit crisps in Kent, so everything is picked, packed and produced locally in Kent.

We give farms a fair price for their produce that would otherwise go to waste, to help them become more sustainable both environmentally and financially.

We’ve managed to save over 15 tonnes of fresh fruit to date and we hope to save much more in the next 12 months.

What’s the best way to enjoy your pear crisps?

Our pear crisps pack a real crunch that releases a natural caramel flavour and then a soft chewy texture so they can add a naturally sweet fruity flavour to lots of staple dishes.

They are a great addition crumbled onto cereal (particularly) porridge and granola, but also add a real fruity crunch to salads, especially those featuring earthy beetroot or walnuts.

I also think they make a great accompaniment to your mid-morning or afternoon coffee as a cake alternative!

What’s to come for Spare Fruit?

We have some exciting plans for new products and partnerships. We also hope to grow the team to ultimately enable us to rescue even more produce and raise awareness of food waste amongst many more people.

Big love to all you SourcedBoxers who have shared the love on social media - it means the world to us and we’ll make sure you get a taste of our next additions before anyone else.