July's SourcedBox features TÅPPED apple and ginger birch water. We've been a fan of this delicious drink for a long time and the story behind the brand is one of the best we've come across so we just had to share with you. 

We caught up with the founder, Charlie, to learn more about this awesome brand.

How did it all begin for TÅPPED?

Paul and I met at Innocent Drinks almost 10 years ago. Then we both went off to work for start-ups - Paul in London and me in Hong Kong and Malaysia, from where I cycled 10,000 miles back to London for charity (and fun). I met up with Paul and he told me he'd read about this centuries-old Nordic tradition of tapping birch trees and drinking the sap for its revitalising benefits. As we both believe in natural, healthy living that was it - we created TÅPPED so we could bring this intriguing and healthy drink to a wider audience.

How are your drinks made?

In the springtime the trees awaken from the winter with sap rushing up the tree, carrying the nutrients from the roots to the branches. This is when we tap, by simply making a small hole from where the sap can be collected. We only take 1 to 2% of what the tree produces during this time - normally around 3 weeks. Then we bottle this sap either pure or blended with a little juice, for you to enjoy.

July's box features your Apple and Root Ginger water, what's the best way to enjoy this refreshing drink?

Chilled! Our birch waters are best popped in the fridge for a few hours before drinking. They're great after exercise, when you feel dehydrated, or just when you fancy a tasty drink that will do you good. Sit back and imagine you're drinking sap straight from the tree.

What's next for TÅPPED?

We're currently running a crowdfunding campaign on www.seedrs.com/tapped which is going really well (already overfunding!) but it closes on 18th July so not long left for anyone who would like to join the adventure by buying a share of the business!

Where can I buy TÅPPED?

Ocado, Boots, some Sainsbury's stores, Holland & Barrett online, Wholefoods, Planet Organic and WAITROSE from August!