June's box features the deliciously moreish Smokin' Edamame Mix from The Food Doctor. 

The Food Doctor has been making tasty snacks for a long time but 2017 marks a change for the brand, we caught up with them to get the scoop. 

How did The Food Doctor Begin?

The Food Doctor was founded in London in 1999 by two of the UK’s most pioneering nutritional therapists. Our journey began in our nutrition clinic on London’s Harley Street where our team of highly experienced nutritional therapists provided one-to-one consultations. However, our real passion was to be able to provide the nation with nutritional balanced foods and that’s when our range of products were created.


2017 appears to be an exciting time for you, what've you got in store?

2017 is perhaps the most exciting year of our 18 year history – yes we really have been going that long! This summer we are relaunching the brand entirely and that means a brand new look and feel to our packaging, improving and reworking our existing products and recipes and, perhaps the most exciting of all, introducing completely new products. We have so much to share with fans of the brand and we are looking forward to introducing The Food Doctor to lots of new people as well. We believe the power of positive nutrition resonates with so many people who are trying to make positive choices in their lifestyle and so we’re particularly excited to be sharing part of our new range with SourcedBox fans. 

June's box features your Smokin' Edamame Mix, what's the best way to enjoy this tasty little snack?

Our smokin’ edamame mix is great as a mid-morning or mid-afternoon snack. It comes as a portioned 30g bag so you don’t have to worry about eating too much. It also adds a wonderful crunch when sprinkled on a salad or stir-fry. It’s high in fibre and a good source of protein, plus we’ve also added some mineral rich smoked Hebridean Seaweed. 

What are the future plans for The Food Doctor?

The next year will see us building on everything we have done to relaunch the brand this summer, so more great content that will help people understand what the power of positive nutrition can mean for them and, hopefully, getting our product into lots of new places so even more people can get their hands on our range. We also have lots of exciting new products lined up that we believe will really benefit those on the lookout for a smart, healthier option -  watch this space!

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