January's SourcedBox features the deliciously refreshing orange Ugly drink. We caught up with co-founder, Hugh, to find out how this great brand came to be. 

How did it all begin for Ugly?

Ugly Drinks was co-founded by friends Hugh Thomas (28) and Joe Benn (29) and launched to market in January 2016.  The pair met at Vita Coco Coconut Water in the UK which they both joined in 2011 when the brand was in its infancy.  For the next four years they helped the brand grow into the phenomenon it is today, with Hugh working in Marketing and Joe on the Sales side.  Becoming close friends, the pair began to think about UK’s drink shelves and the problems caused by over-consumption of sugary and sweetened beverages.  They found it strange that there wasn’t a readily available drink option that tasted great but didn’t contain sugar or sweetener.  So the idea for Ugly was born - the first naturally flavoured sparkling water in the UK. We are now a small team of six people working in a shipping container in London.

January's box features your delicious drink. What makes it such a great snack?

Ugly is all about keeping it real. We know that shoppers have a thirst for products that are authentic and honest but the ugly truth is that most soft drinks on the supermarket shelves are still packed full of sugars or hidden sweeteners.  Our 100% natural range provides that perfect ice cold can moment without the guilt - no sugar, no sweetener, no calories and absolutely nothing artificial. Ugly has nothing to hide.

What's next for Ugly?

Lots! Excitingly, Ugly will become a global business in 2018 with it's launch in the US. In the UK, we will continue to grow distribution so more and more people are able to get Ugly. We have big ambitions to be the next phenomenon in carbonated soft drinks and take on the big dogs in the industry. Watch this space!

It's a new year, a time for getting back to healthy living, what are your top tips for keeping healthy and happy?

At Ugly, we like to keep it real. No unattainable lifestyles and no ridiculous promises (which we see a lot of during the January health kick period!) We believe in balance and doing what's right for you as an individual - don't follow the crowd. Or do. Your call!