June’s box featured Pulsin’s delicious Orange Choc Chip protein booster, we can’t get enough of these and are frequently chucking them in our gym bags for a post-workout snack.

Since Pulsin’s protein boosters go hand in hand with exercise we asked them to give us a quick workout routine that we can all squeeze into our everyday lives.

This workout has been specifically designed with a member of Pulsin’s fitness hub, Gen Preece, to use the best training tool you possess: your own body!

When you utilise your own body-weight and choose high intensity over long duration, you’ll be amazed at what you can achieve in as little as 15 minutes.

This workout can be performed from the comfort of your own living room, kitchen, garden, or even office if you don’t mind some spectators. You don’t need a gym membership or any equipment, just something to time yourself with. There are two options for each exercise, depending on your own ability. This will allow you to progress if option one becomes too easy (which it will over time!)


Get Ready

Stick your phone in flight mode so no one disturbs you, and open the stopwatch app. Warm up your muscles by stretching dynamically (not static!) in the three directions we move in. Perform the following four exercises at your maximum pace for 45 seconds, with 15 seconds rest for a total of three rounds.

Exercise 1: Twisting Mountain Climbers (45 Seconds)

Start in the plank position with your hands under your shoulders and palms pushing flat into the ground.

Bring one knee across your chest towards your opposite shoulder and swap knees as fast as you can.

Twisting Mountain Climbers First Position
Twisting Mountain Climbers First Position

Twisting Mountain Climbers Second Position

Twisting Mountain Climbers Second Position

Easier Option: Slow the movement down, bringing one knee across the chest at a time so you return to the plank position between reps.

Exercise 2: Air Jacks (45 Seconds)

Start crouching down with your bottom low and hands on the floor either side of your feet.

Jump up, spreading the arms and legs wide, before landing low in the start position and repeating.

Air Jacks First Position

Air Jacks First Position

Air Jacks Second Position

Air Jacks Second Position

Easier Option: Keep both feet on the floor as you jump up, so you are performing a jumping jack aka star jump.

Exercise 3: Table Kicks (45 Seconds)

Start in a table top position with your hands on the floor behind your bottom, feet hip width apart and bottom lifted off the floor.

Keeping the bottom elevated, kick one foot out in front of you before switching feet as fast as you can.

Table Kicks First Position

Table Kicks First Position

Table Kicks Second Position

Table Kicks Second Position

Easier Option: Slowly straighten out one foot at a time, so you return to the table top position between reps.

Rest (15 seconds)

After your 15 seconds rest, return to the start. Complete the full routine three times before moving on to the cool down.

Cool Down

Once you have completed the workout (and a very well done to you!) remember to cool down by walking or marching on the spot slowly, to bring the heart rate back to a regular pace. Once your heart rate feels more ‘normal’ perform your stretching routine. The entire workout, including the warm up and cool down will take you approximately 15 minutes. If you have more time, you can always perform more rounds.


Yes, there are going to be times throughout this workout that you are going to want to give up. It is not meant to be easy, but a steady challenge to get your body into fat-burning mode.

Listen to your body and work at your own pace – if you do need to increase the rest time between exercises then do so by slowly marching on the spot (don’t stop moving!) and if there is anything you are not sure of, always consult with a health professional.

Snack Time

It’s really important to eat a healthy snack after a workout to refuel your glycogen stores - this is when your SourcedBox full of healthy on-the-go snacks comes in handy. Kick off your trainers, grab your Pulsin Orange Choc Chip protein booster and relax!