Joining a gym with the newest equipment, luxe changing rooms and access to personal trainers with abs of steel is pretty great, but the inevitable price tag can be off-putting.

The good news is you don’t have to sacrifice your Netflix subscription for the sake of getting in a good workout, there are plenty of brilliant free workout resources out there.

The team at SourcedBox have pulled together to create a list of our favourite, most used workout resources that won’t cost you anything more than sweat.

Fitness Blender

A husband and wife team, Fitness Blender, upload a range of diverse workouts to their channel from 20 minute HIIT workouts to 45 minute muscle burning weight lifting routines. The diversity is brilliant because it means you can choose something you actually fancy doing, which is the key to sustaining an exercising routine.

The Body Coach

The king of HIIT, Joe Wicks, uploads a great range of fun HIIT workouts to his channel. He records his workouts in his studio gym, hotel rooms and on the beach, proving that you really can bust out a workout anywhere.  

Lottie Murphy

Health and lifestyle Vlogger, Lottie Murphy, specialises in Pilates workouts on her channel. We came across her when searching for Pilates routines that we could fit into our busy schedules and use to improve flexibility and energy levels.

Functional Patterns

Busting out a sweaty workout or mastering a Bow yoga pose is awesome, but improving your posture or limiting the damage caused by flat feet is equally as important. Naudi Aguilar teaches you how to use your body and improve your everyday function whist building up strength and flexibility.

Yoga With Adriene

Adriene moves from beginner to advanced yoga routines showing you how to incorporate yoga into your life to improve mood, sleep and confidence. Her routines allow you to take some time out to relax and unwind. 

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