Frequently asked questions


What is SourcedBox?

SourcedBox is a snacking service that delivers healthy, natural snacks through the post every month. We source a variety of snacks made by all sorts of suppliers, from big brands to small startups, and send them out in SourcedBox for you to discover.

What’s in my box?

Inside your SourcedBox you’ll find a variety of snacks, and this variety will change every month. We'll be keeping the contents a surprise, so you won't know what's in it until you recieve it (although we might tease a few snacks here and there!). You can expect the likes of raw chocolate, vegetable crisps, superfood drinks and more! We aim to have at least ten snacks in each box, however this may vary some months.

What do you mean by healthy snacks?

Our focus is on snacks that are made from natural ingredients. We want to make healthy snacking as simple as possible, so the snacks we source don’t contain any artificial flavourings, preservatives or additives, and certainly no refined sugar.

Can I pick what’s in my box?

SourcedBox is designed to be a convenient and exciting way to discover healthy, natural snacks. We know that hunting around for healthy snacks takes time and can be costly, that’s why we carefully source the snacks that go into each box every month - so you don’t have to!

Is SourcedBox suitable for Vegans and Vegetarians?

Yes! All the snacks we include are made with natural ingredients, so there's no meat, dairy, eggs or honey. In some cases, the snacks we include may be manufactured in factories that also handle some of these ingredients, so please do check the packaging on each individual snack.

I have allergies/dietary requirements, is SourcedBox suitable for me?

Our snacks are a surprise and change every month, so for this reason we're unable to guarantee that 100% of the snacks in each box will be suitable for those with specific dietary requirements. A number of the snacks we feature may contain nuts (or traces), and are therefore are unsuitable for anyone with nut allergies. Unfortunately, we're not able to customise boxes to suit individual requirements such as gluten, nut or certain fruit allergies.

Do I have to subscribe to order a box?

As well as monthly and annual subscriptions, we also have a limited amount of one-off boxes available in our shop.

Do you have a referral scheme?

We do indeed! Check it out here.

What do I do if I’m unhappy with my box?

SourcedBox aims to have a variety of snacks for you to discover and try. Whilst we can’t account for individual preferences or refund boxes where snacks are not to an individual's taste, we do try to include snacks that appeal to a wide range of people. Our refund policy can be found in Section 21 of our terms, but please do get in touch if you are unsure.


How do I place an order?

Placing an order is simple. Head to the Subscribe, Gift or Shop section and select your SourcedBox. Once you’ve chosen your box or gift card, enter your payment and delivery details, create your account, and submit your order.

Why do I have to create an account?

Creating an account is needed to make sure we can process your subscription to SourcedBox every month. Our one-off boxes work off the same system as subscriptions, so an account is also required for these.

What payment methods do you accept?

We currently accept payments through debit or credit card.

Why am I getting a declined message when I try to check out?

If you are getting a declined message, it may be down to your bank blocking the transaction or issues like insufficient funds. To resolve this, you will have to contact your bank directly and explain the payment you are attempting to make - they should then be able to help you proceed.

Can I order a box as a gift?

Absolutely, check out our gift page here! You can treat someone to a SourcedBox simply by selecting the subscription duration on the gift page, and ticking the ‘this is a gift’ option when you checkout. If you'd like the box to be delivered straight to the recipient, make sure you enter their details into the shipping address boxes. 

When do I have to order by to get a box?

SUBSCRIPTIONS - Orders for subscriptions close on the last day of the month, be sure to check the countdown timer on our homepage to see how long is left. If you’re ordering a subscription to SourcedBox, orders are always for the following month’s box (e.g. order in January for your boxes to start in February).

ONE-OFFS - If you're ordering a one-off box from our shop, you'll be able to chose from some of our past boxes. One-off boxes are dispatched once a week on the Friday after ordering, and you'll receive an email when they are on their way.

When do I get charged for my subscription?


Your first payment will be made when you sign up, and secures you a box for the following month - e.g. You sign up and pay on the 19th January to secure a February box. 

After that, you will be rebilled on the 15th of the following month, to secure your next SourcedBox - e.g. You have already signed up in December and got a box in January, so are rebilled on the 15th January to secure a February box.

Subscriptions then continue to renew on the 15th of each month, for a box the following month, until cancelled. 


Prepay subscriptions automatically renew at the end of the period for the same amount of time again unless cancelled.

If it is a gift subscription, you are given the option of it automatically renewing when you checkout. 

How do I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription at any time, simply by logging into your account and clicking the ‘edit’ button. Once there, you'll find a range of options for managing your subscriptions, as well as a 'cancel subscription' button at the bottom. If you have multiple subscriptions, each must be cancelled individually this way. 

As boxes are paid for a month in advance, subscriptions must be cancelled by the 14th of the month to avoid being charged and receiving a box for the following month. Subscriptions renew on the 15th of each month unless cancelled.

Annual subscriptions are only eligible for a refund if SourcedBox is notified within 30 days of purchase. We are unable to offer a part refund on annual subscriptions. 

Please note, if you choose to cancel a monthly subscription (or an annual part-way through the year), this will only prevent further renewals being generated. It will not cancel any existing orders or shipments. For a refund, a request must be made as per our terms and conditions. 

What do I do if I want a refund?

Information regarding refunds can be found in Section 21 of our terms and conditions. Please feel free to get in touch with us at orders[email protected] if you have any questions.


Do you deliver to addresses outside of the UK?

Yes! We are able to deliver to some European countries, please see the dropdown list on the checkout page to see if yours is included. We have to charge a small delivery fee, and our delivery times may be slightly longer than for addresses in the UK. Unfortunately we're not able to deliver to other countries like the USA and Australia, but we'd love to one day!

How much is delivery?

In the UK - Free! 

Europe - £4.50 per box for a monthly or one off order. Postage is paid upfront for pre-paid subscriptions, and is £13.50 for a 3-month subscription, £27 for a 6-month subscription, and £54 for an annual subscription (12 months). 

When will my SourcedBox be delivered?

We send our subscription boxes out in the first week of the month, usually on the 5th however this can vary and be slightly earlier or later. One-off boxes are dispatched every Friday.

We estimate delivery time to be 2-3 working days for the UK after dispatch, and 7-10 working days (sometimes longer) for Europe, both via Royal Mail.

What if I want to change where my delivery goes?

Changing your shipping address is not a problem, simply login to your account and you'll be able to edit your address details. To ensure this updates in time for your next shipment, your address does need to be confirmed by the last day of the month before, when orders close and are finalised. 

Please note, if you wish to change your delivery address to a location which has a different delivery charge (e.g. from the UK to France and vice versa) we must be notified by email.

How big is my box?

We want to pack SourcedBox full of as many healthy snacks as possible, and this means using a box that’s a bit too big to fit through a letter box.

What if I’m out when my box gets delivered?

As our box is a bit too big, someone does need to be in to receive it. You can always get your box delivered to work or a different address, otherwise it will be returned to a local post office or depot for you to collect.